About me

Up until the crash of the financial markets in September 2008, I earnt my crust as a software designer, developer, and support type, with specialist skills in middleware (WebSphere MQ, and Message Broker), security and cryptography.   Now, I guess you have to say I'm "mostly retired".   I've always had an interest in electronics since I first played around with it while in the sixth form at school (aged about 17 or so), and I now actually have some time to mess around, and a little bit more money than I had then!

Other interests include:

This web site

This web site is a collection of pieces of work I've done arising from my interest in Electronics, and the related hobby (or is it vice) of collecting and repairing old Test and Measurement equipment (largely because I can't afford the shiny new stuff).   The bulk of my (vintage) test gear is Tektronix and HP (now Agilent), as they have proven over the years to be reliable and close to bullet proof.   The availability of proper Service Manuals including full "Theory of Operation" sections, parts lists, and proper schematics also has considerable bearing on this choice.

The projects you see here arose in all cases from a need that I felt for a particular capability or function.   Some of them I have made available as a free download (e.g. the Tektronix 7S12 Extenders), others are or have been available for sale.

The projects that are currently (or shortly) available for sale as kits are:

The following kits have sold out, but contact me if you and some friends can get together to order a sufficient number to justify my ordering another batch of PCBs.

If you would like to buy any of these kits or equipment that I have for sale (to be added), or merely to chat about stuff you see here, please feel free to email me